Your Donations Make a Difference

The United in Peace Foundation is a non-profit organization and it is through donations that we are able to spread the word and reach out into the community with our programs.
United in Peace is classified as a public charity under Internal Revenue Code Section 501, c 3. Donors can deduct contributions made to United in Peace under IRC Section 170.

Come out to the Rides

The Peace Ride and Festival takes place every month. Generally, the event occurs on the fourth Sunday of the month. Visit for the schedule of upcoming Peace Rides. Come out and be with the community. Support peace in our neighborhoods. Don’t forget to wear orange.

Spread the Word

Help make more people aware of the United in Peace movement and the Peace Rides. Put it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc. See footer for details.

Connect Up

Whatever organization, group or congregation you are a part of, come out and participate in the Peace Rides. Non-profit corporations who promote peace and offer services that improve our communities may apply to have a booth at the monthly Peace Festival to distribute information. For details, visit

Distribute Peace Materials

Copies of The Way to Happiness booklet and the Million Man March pledge are made available at every Peace Ride and Festival and may also be requested through Additional materials for educators on The Way to Happiness are offered free-of-charge through